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Bold was founded on the belief that cultural relevance is the most important driver of business in today’s economy. We’re cultural analysts, at our very core is a dedicated understanding of consumers’ desires, cultural drivers and our clients business need.



We help brands synchronise with culture using 24/7 intelligence to identify internet trends, territories and creative opportunities. Our data driven, newsroom-style approach, sees us draw on hundreds of data sources in real-time to help radically improve the speed and relevance of creative ideas.



Just staying on top of trends and streams is not enough. It is important to find the intersection of what is trending with your brand’s messaging. This is the sweet spot. This is the spot where your brand’s story fits into the larger cultural conversation. We encourage clients to temporarily join our team in order for us to truly understand your business goals.



By thinking big and pushing our clients to take calculated risks, Bold’s work influences perception, moves product and supports larger marketing initiatives..



We think of ‘creative’ as more of an attribute than a specific department. Our creative team bring intelligence, curiousity, and discipline to the art of marketing so that we can deliver creative that performs – beautifully. Creative is our vocation, film, branding and storytelling our medium.



When you’re competing against ever evolving platforms and algorithms, human intelligence and creativity is key. We manage and produce branded content across various social platforms, while supporting key moments with timely paid media.



With more and more devices exploding into the marketplace, it’s critical that we use a responsive development approach to create a great experience on each and every device. So we test exhaustively to ensure pixel perfection and develop all campaigns with best technology practices in mind.



We work to move people. To evoke a feeling that motivates an action. All strategies hinge on creating an emotional connection, so the work we make delivers it. We work with clients to give consumers something worth talking about -brand content that sparks emotion, that adds value, and inspires action. By doing this, we’re helping clients connect consumer-led brand conversations to meaningful business results.



We’re obsessed with data and use it to inform what’s next. Our analysts perform social forecasting, track brand equity, perform channel audits, and offer tagging optimisation tactics for web analytics. We make sure all campaign activity can be tracked, measured and quantified as ROI.



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