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The Team

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Managing Director

Mark has been creating and building brands since before the bite was taken out of the apple. Be aware of Mark’s innate ability to, at any moment, spin a creative conversation into a heated debate around Japanese cover music.





Naomi is in charge of making sure every project comes in on time and on budget. If you are reading this and she is late for your meeting she will be there in ’10’.



Alex graduated from the school of youtube where he learned everything  there is to know about cameras, film production and editing. Rumour has it that Alex once left the editing suite but there are no witnesses to confirm this.


Strategy Director

No one knows what Caomhán does.. including Caomhán. All we know is that he’s very good at it.


Creative Director

Joe is our longest standing team member which is impressive given the amount of Whiskey that has crossed his desk. Former lead guitarist in a band, Joe gave up on his rock & roll dreams for a career in cigarettes and alcohol…packaging.


Head of Operations

As a former client sick of waiting on the ‘Creative Process’ to happen, Sharon joined the team and created her own process. We now have timelines, deadlines, bottom lines and a pricing system for taglines.


Senior Graphic Designer

The most organized desktop in the office *(cough)* world, James appreciates the little things in life.. his morning swim, working to the gentle hum of Newstalk and the occasional Irish jig on the weekends. He is also a huge fan of his own personal space, unfortunately Mark has yet to understand this concept.



Filmmaker and in-house walker, Jack was discovered on the catwalks of Milan. He is as comfortable behind the lense as he is in a pair of 1953 Horsebit crocodile Gucci loafers. He has been known to coordinate his wardrobe around the camera he is using… he wouldn’t be be caught dead wearing pink while shooting on a RED.



Rumour has it.. Cian once finished an edit before the video had even been shot. He attributes his speed to being raised on the plains of Zimbabwe surrounded by cheetahs and hyena’s. He grew up riding wild elephants through the jungle to get to school. He now walks through Phibsborough to get to work.. both are equally as dangerous.

*This bio is inspired by true events. However some scenes, characters, names, businesses, incidents, locations and events have been fictionalized for dramatic purposes.



Megan carries each production from beginning to end. She also carries some emotional baggage from her time as a backup dancer for Jedward.


Digital Director




Accounts & Finance

Silent but deadly. Lia sends shivers down the spines of unsuspecting creatives with one single word…Timesheets.




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